To say that there is one What is the best solution to stop hair fall? would be a white lie.

There are multiple things that people need to try on their hair when they are experiencing hair loss.

Whatever solution you try to stop hair fall, you must not stop it in between, or try it only for a few days.

To try out a solution, you must identify what is causing your hair to fall. The first reason could be nutritional deficiencies.

What is the best solution to stop hair fall?

There are some essential nutrients like Vitamin D, iron, copper and zinc, that you have to take for your health’s hair. However, if you are not taking these nutrients, then this could be causing your hair fall situation.

Secondly, hormonal imbalance is the most common cause of women suffering from hair loss. Excessive dihydrotestosterone causes this conversion, and this happens at a certain age.

For this, you have to consult a professional dermatologist, as he can best advise you about the medication you should take.

Thirdly, there are thyroid issues and polycystic ovary syndrome that can cause hair to fall. In this case, you again need professional help.

There are things that you need to care about if you don’t want your hair to fall.

First, see the shampoo you are using. If you are using a shampoo that is not appropriate for your scalp or hair type, then you need to change it. Moreover, a shampoo should never be loaded with chemicals like sulfates, paraben and silicone.

When you are using a good shampoo, then you need to use a good conditioner. Most hair tangle easily, and when you try to brush these tangles away, you pluck out hair as well. A conditioner not only detangles your hair but keeps them smooth and silky.

Another solution for hair fall is your diet. You need a balanced diet and need to exercise daily. Your diet should be rich with proteins and vegetables so that your hair gets sufficient strength. Moreover, you need an effective solution for reducing hair fall, which is why you need to go for yoga.

If you blow-dry your hair every day, then you need to stop. The heat that comes from blow dryers, or hair straighteners, can damage the hair. Hair turns brittle and starts to fall.

It is not wrong to blow dry your hair or use a straightener on them, but you should not do it too frequently.

Now, most men and women don’t want to use oil on their hair. This is because, oils are naturally greasy, and they are not easy to get out. However, oils are best for blood circulation, and they even nourish the roots of your hair.

Make sure that you massage your roots with good quality oil, at least once a week. Use an oil that suits your scalp, cover it with a shower cap and then wash it the next day.

Lastly, if you are using too many styling products, then you are basically applying chemicals on your hair. These chemicals might make your hair look stylish in the short run, but they will damage them as well.

There are plenty of home remedies that you can try, to stop your hair from falling.

The first home remedy, which is not very popular, is an egg mask. As the egg is rich in sulphur, iodine and protein, it can help grow hair.

To prepare this mask, you need to separate one egg white in a bowl, and then add 1 tsp of olive oil in it. Next, you need to add 1 tsp of honey, beat the paste, and then apply it on your hair, from the roots to its tips.

After 20 minutes, you can rinse the mask and then use a mild shampoo on it.

The second home remedy is the liquorice root. This is a herb, that soothes the scalp and gets rid of the flakes and dandruff. Flakes and dandruff cause hair fall, and if you get rid of them, then you can solve the hair fall issue.

Make a paste by adding a tbsp of liquorice root in a bowl, along with a quarter tsp of saffron and one cup of milk. Apply the paste on your scalp, and then leave it overnight. Next morning, you can wash your hair and repeat this recipe, twice a week.

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