If you want braiding styles that are just more than your average French braid, then read Simple Black Hair Braiding Styles article further.

You will be surprised to know about the different braiding styles that women and girls can have.

If you have long hair, then there is nothing to worry about, because you can flaunt plenty of braids, at all kinds of events, or just at a friend’s sleepover.

8 Simple Black Hair Braiding Styles In 2020

Simple Black Hair Braiding Styles

Yarn braids

These yarn braids are a perfect solution for those, who like special braid texture. Unlike other braids, which might look loose, yarn braids have an artificial look.

They even add a lot of faux volume to your hair.

These braids are perfect for both men and women, who want to make a statement. When you make yarn braids, they look like natural yarn.

Micro Braids

When it comes to micro braids, you need to have a lot of patience. Micro Braids look very stunning, as only the top part of the hair is braided.

The hair at the back is left unbraided, and it looks as if the waves are falling on your shoulder. Most people don’t prefer micro braids, because they take a lot of time to finish.

Micro braiding starts from the roots of the hair, and then the rest of the hair hangs freely, which is why it requires patience to make them.

Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are perfect for both long and short hair. These braids add volume to your hair, and you can add this braid to your hair extensions as well.

A professional can make this type of braiding style, as she attaches the braids, using a crochet needle.

While the crotchet braids are on one side, on the other side, you can curl your hair using a perm rod.

Many African American celebrities have tried these crotchet braids, and they all look stunning in them.

Rope Braids

As the name suggests, rope braids are similar to Havana twists. You can make these braids in your natural hair, and if you want them, go to a professional.

This is because getting rope braids is a clear hassle, as they are hard to make. However, once they are done, your hair will look stunning, and they will give you a very bold look.

Moreover, rope braids are a better choice compared to French braids, because they make your hair look thicker.

Mini copper braids

If you want mini copper braids, then you will feel very stylish. You have to braid all your hair into long braids. Then, take a lock of braid and twist it at the back of your ear.

If you are going to a party and wearing some really fancy earrings, this is the perfect way to make them stand out.

If you have naturally black hair, you can turn them into copper temporarily and feel the difference.

Artistic braided bun

If you have thick long hair, then you should try an artistic braided bun. First, you have to braid your hair, and then create a bun.

The bun will look really good because it is not just a simple bun, but a braided one. This is a low maintenance hairstyle, and its shape is incredible.

This is perfect for any type of face or hair texture.

Criss-Cross black braid hairstyle

If you want to go for something fancy, that would add volume to your hair, then this is the perfect braid for you. Two braids go criss-cross on the top of your head, making your hair look stylish.

This gives your hair a very modish look, and it is low maintenance. Even if you sleep in this hairstyle, it will still look fancy; make sure to cover your head with a scarf.

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Big and Mini Braid Combo

If you have the time and patience to braid your hair, then go for this hairstyle. This braiding style consists of both mini and big braids, and you can choose the design of braids on your own. You can make the braid in an asymmetrical pattern.

People who have long, simple and black hair, can try different braiding styles. However, if they want to go to an event, they should ask a professional what braid style would look best on them.

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