Buying a product is not an easy job, especially if that product has a life of several years. For example, when a customer decides to buy a hairdryer, Revlon Hair Dryer Reviews and he or she would want to make sure that the hairdryer is of good quality and he won’t regret buying it.

For Revlon Hair Dryer, a customer should always look for online reviews of products or customer experiences of the product that they want to buy.

Revlon Harmony Professional Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Dryer Reviews

There are many models of Revlon Hair Dryer, and many of them have a good rating from customers.

To better exhibit, the common and special features of the Revlon hairdryer, Revlon Hair Dryer’s article will talk about different models of Revlon.

The reason why different models of Revlon hairdryer are discussed is to show that Revlon has a diverse range of hair dryers, which have unique features and shapes.

Positive Review

Those customers who have used Revlon Harmony Professional Hair Dryer, have positive reviews about it.

The compliment that is common among all customer reviews is that, the hair dryer is very light and easy to use.

Moreover, when they use it, they feel like they have received the value that they paid for.

Negative Review

However, some customers state that the product they ordered, is not the same shape as it is advertised on the website.

This could be because the hairdryer is not only sold from the official website of Revlon but many other websites as well.

When customers don’t order products from the original website of a company, then they face problems as they find out that some essential things are missing.

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Revlon Quick Dry Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Dryer

Positive Review

Customers felt that the best part of this hairdryer is the long cord, which is a bit above five feet and that means it can be used at such a distance.

It can be particularly helpful if someone doesn’t have a power socket right next to their mirror and have to drag the cord. Moreover, customers stated that this hairdryer is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.

If someone has to get ready somewhere else, then they can easily carry it in their purse or bag, without any hassle.

The concentrator nozzle is connected to the hairdryer, which gives a direct airflow. Revlon Hair Dryer is really good for the hair, particularly if the customer is aiming for smooth hair.

Overall, Revlon Hair Dryer gives really good results and doesn’t have any bad reviews.

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Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer


The attachments that come with this volume booster hairdryer are very easy to take off and attach.

A person doesn’t have to be too technical to understand how to do it.

The heat settings are really helpful for those who have used it, and it is available in different colors, which adds to its beauty.

The price is affordable and the heat level of the dryer is good.

The best part is that the hairdryer is not very noisy, and people can have a conversation while using it.

The functionality that has been advertised, is what the customer receives.


Some customers might feel that the nozzle and the back of the hairdryer keep coming off. However, it could be because they haven’t been fixed easily.

One thing that Revlon can change here is that they can make the cord longer, for the convenience of customers.

Revlon Hair Dryer Reviews
Revlon Hair Dryer Reviews
Revlon Hair Dryer Reviews
Revlon Hair Dryer Reviews

Facts and Features of Revlon Hair Dryer

This Revlon hairdryer is available in black color, and the speed setting of the dryer can be taken up to 2. This hair dryer is for all types and can be used by both genders.

The heating element material of this dryer is ceramic, and it has heat settings, as well as a cool tip.

Special Points

This hair dryer has the following points that customers would find appealing:

  • It is compact
  • It is lightweight
  • It can be used for gentle drying
  • It has a cool shot so that the users can set their style and add shine to their hair
  • It can be used for both styling and smoothing
  • It has a hangup loop for the convenience of the user
  • It provides a good shine to hair

Revlon Quick Dry Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Dryer Reviews

This hair dryer is different from the one discussed before, because of its features. The first one was a professional hairdryer, while Revlon Hair Dryer one is a standard hairdryer.

The temperature settings for Revlon Hair Dryer can go up to 3 and the speed setting can be taken to 2.

This hairdryer can be used by both genders but should be used by adults and not children.

The color in which the hairdryer is available in black. This can be used for all hair types.

Special Features

Some of the features that would surely appeal to the customers are as follows:

  • Revlon Hair Dryer is a 2100W power hairdryer
  • Revlon Hair Dryer dries hair quickly and is suitable for all hair types
  • It has a smoothing concentrator
  • It has a cool shot button

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Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Dryer Reviews

The unique expect of this hairdryer is that it can be used as a hairdryer and a volume booster as well.

Revlon Hair Dryer comes with a smoothing concentrator, which can be used for drying and styling.

This is a volumizing diffuser that softens the airflow, which then enhances curls and waves and gives them a very natural look.

For complete drying, the heat can be taken up to 3 and the speed can be taken up to 2. The hairdryer comes with negative ions, which help the user maintain a very charge look of their hair’s surface.

The hair is left looking smooth and conditioned; it also decreases the frizz and static that most hair has to face.

Revlon hair dryers are known for their helpful features. When people buy a product, they don’t simply want the product to serve one purpose, but multiple purposes.

Revlon Hair Dryer is exactly what Revlon targets when it manufactures hair dryers.

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