Waxing off body hair is one of the most painful experiences that women have to go through, on a weekly or monthly basis and Hair Wax Side Effects.

Women out there know what I am talking about. They have heard other women screaming when the hair on their legs or arms is waxed off.

It is a very painful process, but not many women are aware of the hair wax side effects.

If women read history, they will be amazed to know that there were many other painful methods, which the Egyptian women used. For example, they used sharp flints and even pumice stones, to get rid of body hair.

Growth of hair and the tiring process of getting rid of this hair is not something only modern century women face.

Waxing of hair can be very disturbing for those, who have a low threshold for pain. It might feel like a battle for a woman, who is getting a wax for the first time.

The salon women need to have a lot of patience, to tackle women that are getting their hair waxed for the first time. They move and scream a lot, and for those who don’t scream, they surely sob.

There are many hair wax side effects, and pain is not even of them.

Small Wounds

When women get their hair waxed, they are basically asking the professional to rip out their hair from the roots. To say that there are no hair wax side effects would be shying away from the truth.

It is a very painful process, and if the person isn’t professional, then the process can leave some small wounds.

When hair is plucked from its roots, it can really hurt a person.

There are small wounds that surface on the waxed area, causing pain. They surface in the waxing area, which could be the face, the legs or the hands.

This is why, professionals should be very careful, when waxing someone, to avoid hair wax side effects.

Red & Irritated Skin

Hair Wax Side Effects

Not every woman’s skin can bear waxing. Some women have very sensitive skin, and when they get wax their skin becomes red.

They might try a soothing lotion to calm down their skin, but it rarely works. Sensitive skin reacts more to wax and is one of the hair wax side effects.

A woman might want to run her hand around the waxed area because it makes them feel better. However, it might also further ruin the skin, and that is something no one wants.

For this, women should get an opinion from their dermatologist. The dermatologist might give women a soothing cream to help their skin.

Women should stay away from the sun after they get wax as it reduces the effect of irritation.

Risk of Infection

Some women get bikini wax, which means removing hair from the gluteal cleft areas. However, experts say that this leaves women at risk of infection.

They can easily get STIs or self-TIs. When hair is pulled out of the gluteal cleft areas, it leaves the area at risk of skin tears and bacteria can get easily in these skin tears.

When women get a bikini wax, they should be very careful. Hair wax side effects include deeper skin infections and in some cases, cellulite.

Hot Wax and Skin Burning

Hair Wax Side Effects

Not many women go for cold wax because they find it more painful as compared to hot wax. However, hot hair wax side effects can burn a woman’s skin.

If a woman doesn’t go to a professional for hot wax, and instead goes to an inexperienced person to save money, then it is more likely their skin will burn.

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Some women even try to do hot wax on their own! This leaves them at more risk of skin burning.

When skin burns, it might create acne on the face of the damaged area, but it will surely hurt bad!

Open pores

One of the hair wax side effects is that it opens pores. When pores are open, then the skin becomes more vulnerable to external elements.

This is why, when women get wax on any part of their body, they should take care of their skin more carefully.

The skin becomes tender when it goes through a wax. Most women try to use icing on their face or the waxed area, but this could be a bad idea.

Women should try getting soothing lotions and creams for the affected areas, and if they don’t know any, they can get help from a professional.


When wax plucks away overgrown hair, you might see pimples in some places. Pimples are the worst thing that anyone can get on their skin, especially when they have an important event coming up.

Even if a woman goes to a professional, the pimple is one of the hair wax side effects, that they will experience.

The scientific reason behind getting a pimple after the wax is the open follicle, which becomes more vulnerable to bacteria.

The mistake that most women make in such situations, is that they apply a moisturizer. However, the moisturizer has an opposite effect, as the bacteria spreads further, and makes the pimply situation worse.

Ingrown hair

This is one of the hair wax side effects, which mostly goes unnoticed. When women get their hair waxed, there is some hair that breaks off, when the professional is trying to remove the entire hair follicle.

This breakage is a breeding ground for hair, that literally pierces the skin, and leads to ingrown hair.

This is why, when getting a wax, women should make sure that their body hair is properly plucked through waxing.


Women experience red bumps on their skin, after waxing or using a razor. These bumps appear because of wax burns, and they are not due to pimples and ingrown hair.

To treat such bumps, women can use a calming cream or a moisturizer. There is nothing to worry about this hair wax side effects because it can be treated quickly.


When women wax their own hair to save money, they might often experience bruising. The skin can turn blue or purple, just like bruising.

Women should learn to wax before they experiment on themselves. They should learn about hair direction and why it is important for waxing. If they don’t learn about the temperature of wax or how to apply and rip wax strips, they can harm themselves.

Allergic Reaction

You might not believe it, but wax can cause an allergic reaction! There are certain ingredients in wax, which could turn into an allergy for some people.

Before getting a wax, you should ask the professional about the ingredients they use in the wax. There is no harm in asking about the ingredients because if it does cause an allergic reaction, it will take too long to heal.

There are many hair wax side effects, but women can take some precautions to avoid them.

Firstly, they should clear their skin, before getting a wax.

Cleaning the skin is important because it gets rid of exfoliating dirt and bacteria. If you are getting your legs waxed, then wash your legs properly. Washing legs would also remove dead cells in the process.

If you don’t clean the area properly, then external elements will clog your skin. This can cause rash or women might feel other irritation.

The second thing to do here is, get a patch test. Now, you might be wondering how a wax patch is going to help.

Before getting the whole arm hair waxed, for example, a woman should get their wrist waxed first. After getting a small patch waxed, they should then wait for the result.

If that particular waxed area doesn’t hurt or causes any irritation, then it is safe to begin the treatment for the whole hand.

However, if it does hurt or the woman feels any irritation, then she doesn’t have to go any further or suffer from hair wax side effects.

Direct sunlight can be an issue for women, who have just come out of the salon after getting a wax. If you have gotten your face waxed, then it is best to avoid the sun for some hours.

However, if you have gotten other parts of the body waxed, then the sun won’t be a problem or cause of irritation.

Damage your hair

Hair Wax Side Effects

If someone’s skin is broken, they should not get wax. Women should not make such a mistake. At times, a part of your hand might be injured, or you might have pimples on your face.

If the wax is applied to broken skin, it causes rashes and aggravates the condition of the skin further. It is best to analyze the skin first, by observing if there are any cuts or it feels sore.

Women want to get wax because if they don’t, it makes them feel too suffocated. Moreover, when they have to wear dresses, they don’t want their legs or hands to look bad. However, if they get wax on broken skin, then that would be damaging for them, for weeks.

Greasy hair

Those who have diabetes should be extra careful when getting a wax. Before getting a wax, they should talk to their doctor first, because the hair wax side effects discussed in this article, can apply to them.

Moreover, if they talk to their doctor, then the doctor can always suggest a better form of hair removal treatment.

Each and every person reading this article might have been burnt by hot wax at some point.

It is very important for the professional applying hot wax, to check the temperature of the wax.

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When a professional applies hot wax on the skin, then it becomes easy to rip off the hair. However, in ripping the hair off, the professional can easily burn the skin or damage it.

This is why, whenever you go to a salon, always tell the professional how sensitive your skin is so that they treat in the best possible way.

It would be best if you try applying ice or an ice pack on the skin. Many women have said that this technique truly helps them when they get wax.

The ice effect cools down the skin and decreases redness and irritation, both.

Excessive use of hair wax can cause hair loss:

Some women treat their acne with the help of Retin A or Accutane. However, taking these cosmetic treatments makes the skin more sensitive.

If you are taking these clinical treatments, then it is best to seek the advice of the doctor. The doctor will tell you about the possible outcome of getting a wax while undergoing acne treatment.

One piece of advice after getting wax is to avoid any cosmetic products. Right after getting a face wax, if you apply makeup on it, then that could turn into a disaster for you.

However, you can use a soothing lotion, because this has a good impact on the skin.

When getting a wax, women should never go for a cheap solution. A cheap solution would mean going to a salon they don’t know about, and trying out a professional, they don’t know anything about.

Women should research about the salons near to them, and talk to their friends who get wax. If a woman has not learned how to wax their hair, but they still do it, then it is more likely that they will suffer from pain.

To learn about how to wax different areas of your body, rely on professional classes and not just YouTube videos.

YouTube videos in most cases can be quite misleading. They will show waxing off hair, as an easy job, when it requires practice and knowledge.

Moreover, always test the wax on your hand, if you are getting a facial wax. If it burns, then at least you will be able to hide it with your shirt sleeve, and it won’t show on the face. Waxing can make many women feel beautiful, but this has to be done extremely carefully.

It is okay to read articles about getting a wax. Women should not feel shame when they are researching hair wax, because it is a necessity.

They can find beauty tips and wax tips, everywhere they look.

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