It is not easy for both men and women to decide what hairstyle they should go with, as they are suffering from Reasons for Your Hair Loss.

40 Reasons for Your Hair Loss & Solutions With Treatments and they obviously want to hide their thinning hair and go for a style that would attract less attention to their baldness.

Colored hair should never be treated with products that contain silicone dimethicone because they further destroy the hair, particularly those treated with color.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss & Solutions With Treatments

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

It is best to go with a short hair cut that gives more volume to the hair, like a pixie cut or a bob cut.

If women are concerned about cutting their hair short, then they can always get extensions.

Dandruff Hair Problem

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Dandruff is best recognized as flaky skin on a person’s scalp. When the skin falls off, people can see white flakes on their shoulder-shirt.

Even though Dandruff doesn’t directly cause hair loss, but it causes itchiness. When people scratch, it leads to injury of the hair follicles, and that results in hair loss.

The first thing that a person should do, when they feel they have dandruff, is to get a diagnosis. There can be underlying problems that cause dandruff-like dry skin, Malassezia and Seborrheic dermatitis.


After a person knows what is causing their dandruff, the next thing they should do is seek professional help. In most cases, medicated shampoos are prescribed for dandruff, and they contain some specific ingredients.

These ingredients like pyrinthione zinc, salicylic acid, ketoconazole, and selenium sulfide, are important for treating dandruff.

Patients of dandruff should add moisture to their scalp, and for Reasons for Your Hair Loss, they should use a good conditioner.

When people use medicated shampoos that contain salicylic acid, they should use a good conditioner.


There is no doubt that our hair needs Iron, as Reasons for Your Hair Loss are a mineral and very important for the health of our hair. Iron acts as a source of generating red blood cells, and these cells carry oxygen throughout the body.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss oxygen should also reach the hair follicles so that people don’t experience hair loss.

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anaemia

If someone experiences extreme tiredness all the time, despite a good night’s sleep, and they don’t have any energy to do anything, then they are most likely suffering from iron deficiency anemia.

Moreover, iron deficiency also causes pale skin, difficulty in breathing, heart palpitations, and hair loss.

Treatment for the Deficiency

In order to treat iron deficiency, Reasons for Your Hair Loss are the best if the person, who is suffering from it, starts to increase the intake of iron.

Iron is present in meat, shellfish, whole grains like brown rice, nuts, beans, and leafy vegetables.

Iron deficiency can also be treated with the help of dried fruit, fortified cereals, and liver.

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Everyone wants thick hair that makes them look young and stylish. However, not everyone is blessed with good hair and some people are diagnosed with hair-related conditions.

Hair loss can only be treated if its main cause can be found out. The main cause of hair loss is usually the diet people take and how it impacts their whole system.

However, the Reasons for Your Hair Loss doesn’t mean that people don’t seek the help of professionals.

Professionals can better assist people suffering from hair loss, about what changes they should make in their diet, and how can they treat it with oil, medicines or herbal products.

Alopecia Areata

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Alopecia Areata is a condition in which people suffer from hair losses in different parts of their body like body hair, head hair, eyelashes, and even eyebrows. There are unique cases in which patients suffering from Alopecia Areata experience complete hair loss.


There is no cure for Reasons for Your Hair Loss condition and the symptoms are most likely to recur. In Reasons for Your Hair Loss condition, a patient might notice how they have circular bald patches on their hair.

When Reasons for Your Hair Loss condition is the inactive stage, the bald patches are surrounded by little hair that is thicker at the top, and thin at the roots. If the exclamation mark hairs are many in number, then Reasons for Your Hair Loss would indicate how serious the alopecia areata of a person is.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss can cause inflammation at the lower end of the hair, but it is not very painful and some patients might not even notice the pain.

Why Does it Happen?

Alopecia Areata happens because of an autoimmune disorder, where the body sees hair cells as foreign enemies and then because of factors like stress, shock or illness, attack them.

Treatment For Alopecia

The condition might go away in a year. Patients are also given steroids because they decrease the level of inflammation, decrease the activity of the immune system so that it doesn’t attack the hair follicles.

Patients are also given Corticosteroid injections, and they are considered very effective, as they are used on the bald patches.

Ultraviolet rays are used as a treatment for Reasons for Your Hair Loss condition, but mostly, stress management is recommended to patients. Reasons for Your Hair Loss is because stress is seen as a huge cause of hair loss.

Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia is common in both men and women; Reasons for Your Hair Loss can cause hair loss and result in dull hair as well.

The pattern of hair loss in both genders is pretty different. The hairline in men forms an M shape; hair thins at the crown and can result in complete baldness.

This condition is mainly caused by genetic and environmental factors. Those who suffer from Reasons for Your Hair Loss condition, Reasons for Your Hair Loss are mainly due to androgens, which is a hormone.

Dull Hair & Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Women experience dull hair more, because of the many treatments or changes that their hair goes through.

For example, one of the main causes of dull hair is heat styling. Blow drying hair or straightening Reasons for Your Hair Loss can give temporary gloss to a woman’s hair, but with time, it decreases its natural shine.

Another reason women or men get dull hair is because of exposure to the Sun.

The heat from the sun actually causes the moisture from the hair to evaporate dull hair can be really a disaster for those who like to keep their hair open at all times.

To treat dull hair, Reasons for Your Hair Loss are the best to get shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for treating dull hair.

Also, those who experience dull hair should always seek help from a professional to see if Reasons for Your Hair Loss are happening due to any hair condition.

Everyone has heard of bad body odor, but fewer people have heard of bad hair odor. There is actually a Smelly Hair Syndrome, which causes our hair to smell.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss can cause many problems between people, like a person going to work, might be a source of annoyance for others who can smell his hair.

Washing Hair

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

People who wash their hair daily can experience smelly hair syndrome. Even if they wash their hair early in the morning, it might still smell because of sweat, in the middle of the day.

Particularly, when people work together in the same workplace, they are not very understanding of those who suffer from smelly hair.

Symptoms Of the Condition

The bad odor of hair is different from person to person. Some people may feel like their hair smells like a diaper, some compare it to sour milk, while others feel like their hair smells like vomit.

As for those around smelly hair people, they smell things like dirty socks or a jacket that has never been washed. The main problem with smelly hair is that others can easily smell it.

Even if someone showers before they go to sleep and don’t go anywhere in between, they might still wake up with smelly hair.

Moreover, those who have smelly hair, they might experience an increase that their hair and scalp are becoming more oily.

Causes Of Smelly Hair

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

One of the causes of smelly hair is seborrheic dermatitis, as it increases the quantity of oil in the hair.

However, those who have experienced bad hair odor, their dermatologists have not been able to identify the main causes of the bad odor.

People try different treatments on their own, like lemon juice, coconut oil, neem oil, and a mixture of both honey and cinnamon.

Treatment For Smelly Hair

The treatment that has worked the most for smelly hair dial antibacterial liquid body wash.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss body wash works as an anti-bacterial agent and can prevent bacteria growth.

Another treatment is soaps that contain sulfur, as it reduces oiliness from the scalp, on which a bacteria or fungi feed.

People try different things as some people have gone to a salon, where a liquid is rubbed into their hair, they have received the steam treatment, and the smell goes away.

However, the reason why Reasons for Your Hair Loss treatment is limited to only some people is that not everyone has the time or the money to go to a salon.

Not Laughable on Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Even though it might seem that the smelly hair syndrome or bad hair odor is something laughable. However, Reasons for Your Hair Loss are real, very much annoying and hard to get rid of.

Those who have smelly hair, they should definitely consult a dermatologist, and if the dermatologist doesn’t have a cure for them, then they should consider talking to those who have suffered due to smelly hair.

There are not many cures for it, which is why people have to try out different things, like shampooing their hair using sulfur or soaps that are made of Triclosan.

Our hair goes through a number of problems, which can only be solved if we take care of it. Frizzy hair & Split ends happen because of a number of reasons.


Reasons for Your Hair Loss

When people get nervous, they usually twirl their hair and that actually affects the end of the hair.

Moreover, people pick at their split ends as well, particularly those who are extra conscious about them.


Most people would rather see their hair grow, no matter in which direction, than get a haircut.

Some people don’t have the time to get a haircut, while others don’t want to. However, if people get their hair trim on a monthly basis, then they can get rid of split ends and frizzy hair.

Brushing Hair On Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Brushing hair is normal, but there are women and men who brush too much. They light to stroke their hair at night with a brush, until it shines and even though it sounds lovely, Reasons for Your Hair Loss are terrible for the hair.

It breaks even those hairs that are stronger and won’t break otherwise.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss are important that people stroke their hair just a few times, enough to untangle them.

Split Ends

Split Ends

Apart from the causes mentioned above, people get split ends for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that they have dry hair because they don’t use a good shampoo or conditioner.

Secondly, when they shampooing their hair, they are pretty aggressive. During hot temperatures, Reasons for Your Hair Loss are ill-advised to blow dry hair, as the temperature is already hot.

Moreover, people take too much stress when they are receiving a chemical treatment, and contrary to what people believe, stress can cause split ends.

Strong winds, ultraviolet rays, and cold weather can damage hair as well.

Color Damaged Hair

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

When women or men color their hair, they should know that the hair color they use can easily damage their hair.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss are because hair colors have certain chemicals in them, and that could cause problems for hair in the future.

Firstly, people should never use bleach to color their hair, because that is a terrible thing to use.

Clarifying Shampoo & Masks

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

If the hair color that a person has used is dark, then they should use a clarifying shampoo, as it lightens the color.

Those who are worried that the color they have used will damage their hair can also use hair masks.

Hair masks are made avocado, coconut oil and honey. Some even use a mixture of banana, honey, and yogurt or honey, eggs, and apple cider vinegar. While some feel that coconut oil does the trick.

It is best to wait and let the hair color go away on its own, but a person should never stop trying to apply different remedies on their hair.

Even if a person wants to get their hair colored, seeking the services of a professional and applying quality hair color is recommended.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss are not necessary that people get gray hair, only when they are old. Nowadays, young people’s hair can also turn gray, and that is called premature gray hair.

Firstly, Reasons for Your Hair Loss are important to know where hair color comes from. The hair follicles contain pigment cells and these cells produce melanin.

Melanin is the element that gives our hair color; however, when the pigment cells stop producing melanin, our hair becomes gray.

Stress Factor

Stress does play a part in turning hair gray; however, their role is not that great. Stress usually causes hair loss and if our hair is already gray, the hair that grows back will be gray as well.

Tip: Those who have gray hair like to wear it in a pixie cut, because that is a really attractive cut.

Plucking Gray Hair

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Whenever a person sees their first strand of gray hair, they directly try to pluck it. However, Reasons for Your Hair Loss can cause inflammation, damaging the follicle and then making hair look thin.

When plucked hair grows, then they grow with thin edges and that makes hair look thin, which most people don’t want.

Health Problems

There are healths problems because of which a person’s hair can become gray. A lack of vitamin B, tumor conditions, thyroid, and vitiligo are some of these conditions.

Science has found out that those who smoke, their hair is more likely to turn gray before they reach the age of 30. Actually, their silver-gray hair might look yellow.

Treatment on Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Moisture treatment is the most effective that can fight dry grays and dull grays. Those who have a concern about growing gray hair should get anti-frizz products.

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Those who have gray hair, but don’t want others to see, can just dye their hair permanently. They can do it on their own, or seek professional assistance from a salon.

Greasy/Oily Hair

When a person shampoos their hair, and after a few hours their hair starts looking like it hasn’t been washed in a long time, then their hair is greasy/oily.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss can be a huge problem for those who don’t like to tie their hair or have meetings to attend on a daily basis and want to look their best.

Common Causes

There are four common reasons as to why someone would suffer from greasy/oily hair. Firstly, it could be heredity problems, or secondly, it could be because of unhealthy eating habits.

Greasy problems also occur because a person is taking some sort of medication, which is causing their hair to turn oily or they don’t really take care of their hair at all.

There are natural and diet changes, that can be used as treatments for oily/greasy hair.

Natural Treatment

People can apply apple cider vinegar on their scalp because it restores the pH balance that is needed to curb down the oil production.

Moreover, tea tree oils can be used as well, because of their antifungal properties; they cleanse the scalp properly.

Diet Changes

Those who suffer from oily/greasy hair should try to eat more leafy greens and pulses and must avoid greasy foods. They should drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits.

When people start losing hair, they often experiment with different natural remedies, seek the professional opinion of dermatologists and take measures to stop hair loss.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss are not limited to just women, men experience hair loss as well.

There are specific treatments or medications that people can take, after seeking a professional opinion.



It is a steroid, which is prescribed by dermatologists to prevent the release of any substance in the body that can cause inflammation.

Cortisone suppresses the immune system’s natural defense, against any infections or even illnesses.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss can be used for the purpose of treating allergic disorders, alopecia, ulcerative colitis or breathing disorders.

Alopecia Areata is a condition where people start to notice bald patches on their heads. Reasons for Your Hair Loss means that they are experiencing hair loss and need cortisone to correct this condition.

Different Shapes of Cortisone

There are cortisone injections, which can be painful for those who try to stay away from needles.

However, cortisone also comes in the shape of cream, lotions, and pills, which can be a convenient factor for people.

The most effective way of treating balding hair loss, are injections. Tiny needles are used to inject cortisone into the bald patches on the scalp.

However, these injections can’t be injected more than once every six weeks.

Hair Loss & Cortisone

There are four types of hair loss on which cortisone works.

  1. Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia.
  2. Traction alopecia.
  3. Pseudopelade
  4. Folliculitis decalvans.

The types of hair loss on which cortisone doesn’t work are,

  1. Fungal infections.
  2. Telogen effluvium
  3. Genetic balding for both men and women.


Dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis is a condition where a person experiences red and flaky patches of greasy skin. These patches are itchy and can result in dandruff.

The reason why people suffer from seborrheic dermatitis is that thick sebum overproduces in their hair.

The thick sebum secretes oil, developed by sebaceous glands. However, the cause of seborrheic dermatitis is unknown; experts have torn between genetics or a problem with the immune system of a person.

OTC Treatment

The first way to treat seborrheic dermatitis is through OTC treatment, which means medicated shampoos.

The medicated shampoo that doctors give patients, should have ingredients like pyrinthione zinc, selenium sulfide, salicylic acid, and ketoconazole.

At least one of these ingredients would make the situation better for the patient.

There are anti-dandruff shampoos available on every online cosmetic store; however, before buying any of them, a person should always look for the reviews of the things they buy.

Corticosteroid cream

For seborrheic dermatitis, dermatologists also prescribe desonide, hydrocortisone, and clobetasol, as they help in decreasing inflammation.

Dermatologists also prescribe corticosteroid ointments and shampoo, as they can help in growing hair in the area that has been the most affected.

Antifungal medication

If the above medication doesn’t help, then doctors can also prescribe an oral medication that is antifungal.

They are the last option that every patient has, because of their side effects and how they affect the other medications they are taking.

Mixed condition hair is of biracial people, which are often curly and need special attention.

Mothers usually worry about how they can best take care of their children’s mix condition hair. For example, they need a different brush and a different hair routine, because of their mix hair texture.

Wide Tooth Comb

If mothers use commonly used combs for their children or for their own mixed condition hair, then they can end up losing hair.

They should use a sturdy, wide-tooth comb that can untangle mixed condition hair and doesn’t result in hair loss.

Hydrating Cream

Mixed condition hair requires a different kind of conditioner. A hydrating cream conditioner would leave the hair thick and properly moisturized.

There are moisturizers that can enhance the curls, and such moisturizers don’t have to be used in large amounts.

There are curl activator creams available in the market, particularly designed to give customers smoother curls. It makes the hair soft and reduces frizz, which doesn’t cause hair loss.

Oiling Hair

Whether Reasons for Your Hair Loss are normal hair or mixed condition hair, they need oil. Those who have mixed condition hair need to find an oil that suits them, or better, they need to look for a liquid oil conditioner.

While coconut oil is not good for mixed condition hair, almond oil, castor oil, and macadamia oil, it works just fine.

Protective Hair Style

Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Mixed condition hair needs hairstyles which don’t result in hair loss. The hair has to be styled in a protective way, even when they go to sleep, or for a swim, because their hair is different from the others.

If they are styled the right way, then Reasons for Your Hair Loss will prevent the hair from creating knots and the hair will stay healthy as well.

Over-washing leads to Hair Loss

As mentioned above, mixed condition hair is different from other types of hair and can be damaged, if they are over washed.

Normal hair can be washed every day, but washing mixed condition hair would leave them dry.

Parents should wash their children’s hair once per week, especially if they have an oily scalp. It is best to use a nourishing shampoo, and the roots should be properly washed.


Regardless of the type of hair, the diet of a person matters a lot. In order to prevent hair loss, keratin protein should be consumed through eggs, nuts, peas, fish, and chicken.

Moreover, people should consume Vitamin A through sweet potatoes, peppers, and spinach.

Children who have mixed condition hair, they often find it irritating that they have different hair.

The first thing that parents should teach their children is to love their hair, even if they are different.

They should make it easier for them to look after their hair and must get the products that they will find easier to use.

Chemical Processing

It is not recommended that people with mix condition hair use a chemical treatment like hair color, on their hair.

These hair colors and chemical treatments can damage their hair. Only those hair dyes should be used that don’t have ammonia or peroxide in them.

Heredity plays an important part in hair loss. Reasons for Your Hair Loss can be from the mother’s side or the father’s side.

To assess whether a person would lose hair in the future, they should look at their relatives and whether they face problems in terms of hair loss or not.

Hair loss can be of different types. There is hair loss that occurs without the scarring of the scalp, and many people become affected because of it.

Balding occurs in both men and women, mainly due to their testosterone and is called androgenetic alopecia.

There are diseases like thyroid, anemia, syphilis and protein deficiency, which can cause hair loss.

People who go through chemotherapy, lose their hair as well, which can be really painful for them.

There are medications and treatments for hair loss, which people would get to know about when they visit their doctor.


Before prescribing any medication, a doctor will ask the patient their family history and then ask them to get some tests done.

These tests include a blood test, a pull test, a scalp biopsy, and light microscopy. These tests would help the doctor analyze the real medical condition behind hair loss and the stage of the hair shedding process.

In scalp biopsy, the doctor takes samples from the skin or even some hair, to see what is wrong with the hair roots.

A microscope is used to examine the hair, which is trimmed by the doctor.


Reasons for Your Hair Loss are a nonprescription drug, which means that people can get it over the counter. It is for both men and women and comes in liquid form and in the form of foam. The foam or liquid is rubbed on the scalp daily.


Reasons for Your Hair Loss are a prescription drug that is only designed for men. It is a pill that slows down the process of hair loss, and men might experience hair growth as well. Reasons for Your Hair Loss prescription drug can be taken by men over 60 as well.

Those who don’t want to take any medication might want to choose the option of hair transplant surgery.

In a transplant procedure, a cosmetic surgeon removes the tiny patches of skin on a person’s scalp or a large strip of skin that contains multiple hairs.

Reasons for Your Hair Loss are then implanted into the bald sections, from one follicle to another.

Supplements For Hair Loss

If people with hair loss want to take supplements, then usually they will find a doctor recommending vitamins that can help them with the hair problem.

Nutrafol is a hair vitamin, specially designed for women. Reasons for Your Hair Loss vitamin is made from natural botanicals and contains collagen and resveratrol as well.

There is a vegan supplement available on Amazon, which contains antioxidants. The supplement is developed from organic plants and contains biotin, Vitamin A, C, and E.

Those who experience a lot of hair shedding and don’t have any other way to cure their hair loss would find Reasons for Your Hair Loss vitamin very helpful.

If someone has a family history of hair loss, then they should pay extra attention to their hair, like oiling it and taking a good diet.

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