Braids, whether they are for men or women, they are very much in style and Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men In 2020.

The main reason why men and women prefer braids is that they are low maintenance.

A proper and well-maintained braid can last for weeks. If men want to braid their hair, then there are some pretty cute braids for them.

7 Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men 2020

Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men


Some braids last up to 6 weeks, but they start to get frizzy and have flyaways. If you want you dreadlocks to last longer, then you have to follow some simple steps.

You need to moisturize your dry or damp hair, daily. Get a leave-in conditioner, or oil, that works best on braids and doesn’t leave them greasy.

When you wash your hair after 7-10 days, then use a pointed applicator, which makes it easier to coat braids. You can wear a silk pillowcase, which protects your braids when you sleep.

When you braid natural hair, a smooth fabric like silk won’t pull your hair or make them dry.


Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men

Cornrows are a good hairstyle for men and are for both the Caribbean and African hair. In this hairstyle, you have to braid the hair close to the scalp, in a continuous and raised row.

You can make the cornrows braids with simple and straight lines. However, if you want an elaborate design, then this is the perfect braid for you.
Men like this braiding hairstyle, because it is low maintenance.

This is perfect for long hair, but short hair men can try them as well. This hairstyle is adopted by many NBA players.

Box Braids

Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men

This braid style makes your hair look very stylish and bold. Box braids are individual plaits, that are set in small and squared sections.

Whether your hair is short or long, you can wear these braids. If you want to make them more prominent, then you can add synthetic hair for fullness.

You can wear them in a loose hairstyle, in a bun or a ponytail. The plaits are not attached to the scalp like they are in cornrows.

Two Braids

Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men

This is a very popular hairstyle for short-haired men. Men can wear this hairstyle, whether it is a pair of cornrows or a French braid.

If you have seen the famous Vikings show, you must have noticed this hairstyle. The two braids give a really sharp look to men.

Zig Zag Braids

Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men

This braiding style is really stylish. Instead of making braids in a straight line, you need to make them in a zig-zag. This style will look good on both men and children.

You can set the braids in a box braid, or go straight. The zigzag braids can be worn in a fishbone pattern as well.

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Man Bun Braids

Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men

Even though most men don’t like to both their hair in a man bun, man bun braid hairstyle is quite appealing.

It adds volume to the hair, and for those who have short hair, this style can be a blessing.

Man bun braid gives your hair the fullness that it requires, and you can easily style it using a gel.

Braided Mohawk

Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men

A braided Mohawk stands tall on the top of the head. This style is particularly famous among athletes because it gives them a tough look. However, rappers and musicians also try this look, because it is a very unique hairstyle.

If someone doesn’t know how to braid their short hair, then making a braided Mohawk would be their best bet.
Braids are not just for women, alone.

Cute Braids for Short Black Hair Men and stylish on men as well, and there are plenty of celebrities and athletes who have tried this look.

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