Even though you have Braids for Short Black Hair, doesn’t mean that you can’t braid them. In fact, African American women have short, black hair, but they still braid them very beautifully.

Braiding has to look very sophisticated. It can be a thick braid, depending on the texture of your hair. However, some women prefer to have light braids, because they don’t have thick hair.

French braids are the most common braids that women and girls alike, but there is a braid for every occasion.

7 Braids for Short Black Hair In 2020

You must see celebrities trying out different braids in their hair, which makes them look beautiful.

Natural Hair Braid Updo

If you have short black hair, then you should try natural hair braid updo. The braids all go to one side, leaving three braids on the other side.

This is a very chic look, as the braids on one side, give your hair more volume.

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Braids for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, and your hair doesn’t have much volume, then you can still braid them.

The short braided hairstyle would consist of three braids that go in between your hair, parting the other thin hair.

All the braids will be focused on the centre of your hair. Your hair won’t look bad at all, and you can try some nice, long earrings with them.

African Hair Braiding Style

In this style, braids will look extra special, if you have colored hair. You braid each and every hair on your head, into small braids. This gives more of a heavy look to your hair, and it appears as if it has more volume as well.


You can have dreadlocks, even if your hair is short. However, you need to give them special attention, and you need patience for them as well. The best part about dreadlocks is that they stay in one place for a whole week, and you don’t even have to maintain them much.

Cornrow Braids

These braids will give you a nostalgic feeling, as they are from the 90s. If you don’t have thick hair, then these are the perfect braids for you.

These braids are mostly used by those, who want to braid their hair extensions. There are about five to six tight braids, which go to the centre and the sides of the head. If you are wearing a leather dress, then these braids will look perfect with them.

French Braid

French braid works with short hair, as it does with long hair. In a French braid, all you have to do is start braiding your hair from the top, and then take it to the bottom.

This type of braid is very common among those, who want to save themselves from the heat of the summer.

4 Strand Braid

The 4 strand braid is perfect for braiding short hair because it exactly requires 4 strands.

When you have short hair, you can simply bring them to the front, and braid them four times, tying it with an elastic band.

This makes your hair look classy and give it a very clean look.

Most women think that braids are for school girls

Most women think that braids are for school girls, or for a day inside your home. However, braids have become so popular and stylish, that you can braid your hair for any event as well.

If you want your braids to look stylish, then you can put pins in your braids. If you put fancy pins your braids, then they will look extra good.

Braids are the best way to get the hair away from your face, especially in summers.

If you want to tightly secure your hair, without breaking them, then braiding is the best way to go about it. Moreover, braids are perfect for going to school, or if you want to increase the length of your hair.

Braids for Short Black Hair might be considered as grandma’s myth, but making a braid actually increases the size of your hair, little by little. If you let your hair loose all the time, then it is more likely to break.

There are many different braids that women and girls with short hair can try. These braids will add extra volume to their hair and will make their hair look very beautiful.

They can wear it to parties, and create a new style.

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