A child’s scalp is very sensitive. This is why parents are careful about the Best Hot Tot Hair Product 2020 they buy and use.

Before you buy a hair product for your child, make sure that you do proper research. If you know other mothers, then you should ask them about hair products that they buy for their child. However, if you want to know what is perfect for your child’s scalp and hair, then look online.

7 Best hot tot hair product 2020

PicHot TotShippingWeightCheck Price
Best hot tot hair productHot Tot Conditioning Free6.98 ouncesCheck Price
Best hot tot hair productHot Tot Hair GelFree7..00 ouncesCheck Price
Best hot tot hair productHot Tot Sweet Pea Free5.98 ouncesCheck Price
Best hot tot hair productFinishing MistFree10.5 ouncesCheck Price
Best hot tot hair productStructure WhipFree9.5 ouncesCheck Price
Best hot tot hair productHot Tot ToddlerFree10.2 ouncesCheck Price
HOT-TOTHot Tot ConditionerFree10.5 ouncesCheck Price

There are several products from which you can choose, but make sure to read each and every review of such products.

Hot Tot is a new name in the hair care product market. It has definitely created a reputation for itself, for being the best brand for children.

It offers shampoo, conditioner and styling cream products for children, that parents must try.

Hot Tot Conditioning Detangler

Best hot tot hair product

This conditioning detangler is appropriate for toddlers and children’s hair.

The conditioning detangler is made of natural formula, that fights frizz and tangles.

When mothers usually brush the hair of their toddler or child, it often tangles.

However, if they use this conditioning danger, then they won’t face any problem.

This product contains antioxidants and protects a child’s hair from the toxins present in the environment. It also protects the hair from heat styling.

This conditioning spray makes it easier to put it in a child’s hair. It features green tea leaf extract, along with glycerin and Vitamin B-5.

If parents are worried that this conditioning detangler will hurt their child’s hair in some way, then they are wrong. This product is clinically tested, to make sure that it is safe to use on a baby’s hair.

This product is hypoallergenic, water-soluble and it is free of any soy and gluten. It doesn’t contain peanut, dairy and other genetically modified objects.

The conditioning spray uses a very gentle formula, which is approved by both dermatologists and paediatricians.

If your child has sensitive skin, then this is the conditioning detangler that you should buy.

  • It works perfect or those children who wake up with curly bed hair, and need revitalization.

  • This detangler works, as mothers find brushing very easy, after using this product.

  • It is appropriate for young children.

  • Adults can also use this product for their hair.

  • The pump of the conditioner might break after some time. However, the company does send a replacement.

  • Some customers didn’t like the smell of the conditioner.

  • The conditioner works for an hour, but the hair might become tangled again after that.

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Hot Tot Hair Gel

Best hot tot hair product

If you think that toddlers and children don’t need hair styling gel, think again.

Nowadays, even children like to get their hair styled, preferably after some young actor that they see on television.

There is nothing wrong with styling hair, but you really need a good hair gel for children.

If you are looking for a hair gel that won’t ruin your child’s hair, then look no further than Hot Tot.

This company uses a natural formula in their hair gel, which gives a nice and shiny finishing to your child’s hair.

There are antioxidants present in this product, which protects the hair from environmental toxins.

The product contains organic Japanese green tea extract, along with glycerin and Vitamin B-5. This is why it not only keeps the hair healthy but makes it shine. The product is safe for all ages and is free from phthalate.

The company has tested the product in a clinical setting, to make sure that it is safe for children. It has been approved by paediatrician and dermatologist so that parents don’t have to worry about their child’s hair.

This product is appropriate for fine to medium hair.

The reason why it is good to style a child’s hair because they feel stylish and confident. However, this doesn’t mean that you use hair products on their hair every day. This simply means that at times, on different occasions, it is good to style a child’s hair.

  • Keeps the hair in its place, for more than an hour.

  • Works best for both curly and straight hair.

  • The smell of the product is not something every customer likes.

  • Some customers complained that the hair gel was runny, and didn’t stick to the hair for long.

  • A few customers complained that they got a defective piece.

  • Some customers felt that there was a lot of perfume in the product, and didn’t seem safe for a child’s hair.

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Hot Tot Sweet Pea Curl Serum

Best hot tot hair product

This is a very light styling cream, which smoothes the frizz in your baby’s hair.

If they have curls, then this cream has the ability to make them softer. It provides much-needed moisture to a child’s hair.

It is perfect for babies, toddlers and big kids.

This product contains grape seed oil, which is good for protecting and moisturizing the hair. Moreover, it contains aloe vera, which can soothe the hair properly.

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This product also contains Jojoba seed oil, which can strengthen and fortify the hair. The white tea in this product is to protect the hair from UV rays.

When you are using this product on your child’s hair, then use a small amount. A small amount of this curl serum will damp the hair, and you can style it in any way you want to.

This is a water-soluble product and is a natural non-toxic.

  • This product works great on curls. Moreover, you only need to apply a small amount to your child’s hair.

  • The bottle lasts for a long time.

  • The smell of the serum is really good.

  • When you apply it to your child’s curl, they will seem like little waves.

  • Removes the frizz from the curls.

  • Some customers felt that this serum dry hair, after just a week of its use.

  • The scent of the serum is heavy for some customers.

  • The product can be expensive for some customers.

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Finishing Mist

Best hot tot hair product

If you want to finish what you started, then you need to use Finishing Mist.

This is a hair spray product, that provides a medium hold and a brushable finish.

After you apply this mist to your child’s hair, you won’t find anything flaky or sticky on their hair.

You can use this product, along with the other styling products that Hot Tot sells.

If you want to use it well on your child’s hair, then it is best to know how to apply it. You need to hold the bottle 8-10 inches away from your child’s hair, and the spray evenly. This way, you will be able to see a finished style.

If you are worried that this spray might contain harmful chemicals, that can damage your child’s hair, then you don’t have to worry about it.

The ingredients of the spray are denatured alcohol, water, polyurethane, green tea leaf extract and glycerin. It also contains Vitamin B-5, benzyl benzoate, citral and limonene.

Even if your child’s scalp is very delicate, you can still apply this product. It has a balanced pH value, is soluble in water, and free of any toxic chemicals.

The green tea in this product protects the scalp and the hair from UV. The Vitamin B-5 in the product makes sure that the hair stays hydrated, and gives a beautiful shine.

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  • If you braid your child’s hair and want to keep it in one place, then this is the perfect spray to use.

  • When your child’s curly ringlets get out of place, then you should use Best hot tot hair product.

  • If you are worried about the alcohol content in this product, then know that it is clinically tested.

  • Leaves the hair shiny, and has a very nice scent.

  • Might leave some white residue on the hair, which is hard to wash.

  • The spray’s impact disappears after two hours, which is disappointing. Nobody wants to keep on reapplying a product, throughout the day.

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Structure Whip

Best hot tot hair product

The packaging of this cream is really appealing. Unlike the other products, this cream comes in a small box formation.

This cream keeps the hair flexible, and it gives more control to them.

When you apply this cream to your child’s hair, it will add more definition and texture to it. This is great for buns and braids.

If you have a child, who loves to braid her hair, but it never stays in one place, then use this cream.

If you want your child’s hair to feel a soothing experience, then this is the perfect cream. This is because, the cream contains Aloe Vera Gel, and this is a good ingredient for healthy hair.

The cream contains Sweet Almond Oil, which nourishes the hair properly. This cream keeps hair hydrated because it contains Shea Butter.

You can apply this product on damp or dry hair. Mould the hair, using the cream, and give it a textured look. If you want a good result, then you should use Best hot tot hair product with the Finishing Mist.

If you want to spread it on your baby’s hair, then it is best to first rub it in between your hands, and then apply it. Otherwise, the cream will gobble on one side.

  • Smells like baby powder.

  • The cream has a very thick texture.

  • When you apply it on your child’s hair, the hair won’t feel stiff afterwards.

  • Some customers felt that their child’s hair became greasy after they applied Best hot tot hair product.

  • Few customers complained that the product doesn’t have any holding power.

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Hot Tot Toddler Shampoo

Best hot tot hair product

It is not easy to find the best hair product for your child, because a child’s scalp is sensitive. You need an extra gentle wash, which is where Hot Tot Shampoo comes in.

This shampoo built a rich lather, and you can easily cleanse and hydrate the chair of your toddler.

As this shampoo is made specifically for toddlers, the company has used a mild formula.

You can use this mild formula daily, and it won’t leave the hair dry. It adds more fullness and volume to your child’s hair, and you won’t be disappointed by the outcome.

The company understands the hair needs of a child, which is why it has added rice extracts to this shampoo. The rice extracts would keep the hair hydrated.

There are other ingredients in this shampoo like green tea and Aloe Vera. These two ingredients provide a soothing feeling.

To get the best outcome, first, wet your toddler’s hair. Then, take a small amount, apply it to wet hair, and massage properly. You should make sure you rinse the hair properly and then apply the Hot Tot conditioner.

There are no harsh ingredients used in this shampoo, which is why you can use it without any worries.

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If you think that only toddlers can use this shampoo, then try it on your hair. You will get the best result. This is mainly because no GMOs are used in this shampoo.

  • Perfect for delicate hair and scalp.

  • The scent of the shampoo is not very overpowering.

  • It won’t leave the hair dry.

  • Gives the hair a very simple and sleek look.

  • Perfect for curly hair.

  • There are no negative reviews about the shampoo.

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Hot Tot Conditioner

Best hot tot hair product

This conditioner gives a great look to your child’s hair. It is weightless and nourishes the hair properly. If your child has curls, then the curls will definitely look more soft and shiny.

The conditioner perfectly detangles the hair and doesn’t make your child cry when you are brushing their hair.

It fights frizz from the hair and makes them more manageable.

This conditioner adds more volume to the hair. It contains sunflower seed oil and grapefruit extract, which strengthens and nourishes the hair properly. Moreover, it also contains green tea extract and cucumber; these two ingredients are necessary for hydration.

  • It has a very nice scent.

  • The hair feels like they have gained volume after you use this conditioner.

  • Your child’s hair won’t feel too greasy when you apply this conditioner.

  • Some children don’t like the smell of this product.

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